Great News For Seniors (and others): Moderate Exercise is Best!

There’s nothing newsworthy about a senior citizen getting an aerobic workout at the pool, taking a Yoga class, and simply staying active throughout life; but it’s still a life-changing way of living.

I’d say that’s very special, and in this blog it’s definitely newsworthy!

Extremes make the news. This time it’s the same, except with a different twist. Moderation trumps extreme exercising for heart health.

Let’s take a look at the latest news that surfaced this week, prompting the words I am writing now:

When it comes to exercise, moderation is best:

As always, let me share a few words and opinions.

While people are consumed about defining how much exercise ‘moderate’ really is (see examples below), let’s be practical. This new study will not change lifestyles, but will likely be comforting news to those who are already in the exercise mindset. Now they don’t have to feel guilty about never running marathons. That’s me. Having always admired long distance athletes, I can now feel better about my short distance efforts. In fact, according to the research, my moderate approach is better for my heart. I’ll never make the headlines or experience the exhilaration, but hey; my little cardiac friend is happier.

The fitness community, in one way, mirrors society in general; a lot of different people are involved who bring an infinite wealth of experiences and perspectives. And we learn new things as we go. If you are an extreme athlete, please don’t misunderstand my words. I, in fact, have the deepest respect for you–extreme sports represent self discipline to the highest degree. Those like yourself are responsible for raising the possibilities for all the rest of us.

To Your Health, Fitness, and Wellness,


Articles on suggested amounts of exercise:

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