You’ve Got To Go Aerobic!

If you want the euphoric feeling that exercise induces–and it really is a tranquil calm to be experienced–you can only get there with a heart pounding, oxygen pumping, 20 minute

There is no substitute.

The muscle-shredding five sets of fifteen reps working major muscle groups for twenty minutes won’t take you there; even when you make it aerobic by shortening the time
between sets. I’ve done this many times and, certainly, the feeling of accomplishment is there, but not the feeling of tranquility that is the essence of ‘the runner’s high’.

Caution: This is a statistically insignificant sample size… just me as a test subject. It’s entirely possible that I am the only one who feels this way.

So go out and move some oxygen through your lungs. Pump some nutrient rich blood through your brain. Revitalize life on the cellular level inside your entire body… forcefully… for twenty minutes.

Then tell me if I’m the only one.

Waiting To Hear From You,


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