Weight Loss: Just 5% Can Make a Difference in Your Knees!

Losing weight results in numerous health benefits. If you have problems with your knees, read the good news in this excerpt from a recent study:

“The most exciting finding of our research was that not only did we see slower degeneration in the articular cartilage, we saw that the menisci degenerated a lot slower in overweight and obese individuals who lost more than 5 percent of their body weight, and that the effects were strongest in overweight individuals and in individuals with substantial weight loss,” Dr. Gersing said. Light to moderate exercise is also recommended to protect against cartilage degeneration in the knee.” (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170502084050.htm)

Understanding Why

In the picture above showing the bones of the knee, notice the small surface area of contact where the movement occurs. The smooth white coating you can see on the ends of the bones provides a slick surface where the bones meet–the ‘articular cartilage’ mentioned above.

From the laws of physics, the smaller the area of contact of an object, the more force it exerts on the surface below. For sure we can’t change the small contact area of our knee joints, but you can significantly reduce the tremendous force and stress of movement by reducing your weight.

Doesn’t it make sense to take charge of your health when you have the opportunity to do so?


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Steven Siemons ACSM CPT, Simply Senior Fitness

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and armchair philosopher (BA in Social Science from UC Irvine), Steven communicates his passion for health and wellness with an offbeat slant. It's a lifestyle, he will insist, and fitness is really a journey to find what fits--for you. His personal fitness journey has primarily centered on resistance training for more than fifty years. An intense three-year exposure to Shotokan Karate under Sensei Ray Dalke and Sensei Edmond Otis in Southern California during his thirties (he is now 65, since you're wondering) had a significant impact on his appreciation for martial arts as fitness disciplines. It is his sincere hope that you will find insight, inspiration and knowledge from the ideas he sends your way. He is proud to be a contributing author to evox television where, along with others of different disciplines, the focus is on moving forward towards a positive future. Steven trains with clients who have already decided to take the first step in their fitness lifestyle, as well as seasoned fitness enthusiasts. With a personalized approach starting with your needs/risks/capabilities profile, the foundation is built for a lifetime of fitness; ultimately, 'fitness for the finer things' enabling you to enjoy your life to the fullest! If you are in the South Florida area and are interested in training, instruction, or personalized program implementation; simply email for further information. For vacationers and snowbirds, three-day and seven-day focused sessions are available with sufficient advanced reservations. Email: simplyseniorfitness@gmail.com

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