Resolution 2017: I Will Stop Exercising to Lose Weight! 

You must change your thinking about exercise and its proper place in your plan for health and fitness if you are to succeed. 

Do not stop exercising in the coming year (and beyond), but temper your expectations about what exercise can accomplish towards your weight loss goals. 

Exercise should not be your primary method of losing weight. 

It should not be your primary method of losing weight. 

The reason you will be utilizing an exercise program in 2017, and for the rest of your life, is to strengthen your body systems: cardiovascular/respiratory, muscular, skeletal, and cerebral. 

There is no substitute for exercise in achieving these health sustaining results. None! No pill, no diet drink, no prescription, nothing. 

You must continue to exert physical effort consistently. And if you do… 

You can still be strong in your sixties and beyond, simply by being consistent. At sixty five, I enjoy strength and mobility that most have lost long ago from neglect. I was never a star athlete; never the fastest, never the strongest. I simply have exercised purposely and conservatively all my life. 

If you want to be different when 2017 is done, you must make different lifestyle choices now and continuing forward. 

It certainly will not be quick and it certainly will not be easy.   


Weight management is first and foremost the control of the quality and quantity of food you consume. 

If you intend to change your level of health and fitness, this must be your mantra. There is no shortcut. 

Here’s Why:

You don’t have enough time or energy to exercise off extra calories consumed throughout the day. 

An average size cookie can be 150 calories. How easy is it to consume a few chocolate chip cookies after a meal that already contains more energy than you can burn before the next meal? You would need to walk more than three miles to use the energy supplied just from the cookies. 

The best and most vigorous exercise program is no match for a diet that chronically consumes excess calories. 

We are all genetically and psychologically different. What seems easy to me could be very difficult for someone else. 

There very well may be biological differences regarding the feeling of fullness that results from consuming adequate quantities of food. However, individual differences generally fall with the extremes on either side being a very small component of the population.

You can gain a tremendous advantage if you begin to focus on this feeling of fullness. Learn and practice mindfulness about both your motivation for eating and the process itself! If you can come to the point of getting away from the table when you first feel a sense of being satisfied (not full),  you will never be seeking weight loss answers again. Your body weight will normalize even without exercise! 

During an extended period of no exercise (due to injury), I developed this habit. Little by little, eating with a heightened sense of awareness, and commitment to a goal, the journey progressed. 

For the majority of us who fall into the ‘normal’  category regarding our biological responses to food and consumption, constructive changes are within our power to choose.

Not necessarily easy, but possible, nonetheless.

Since our response to eating is the issue, you must focus your awareness on the process; especially eating quality, nutritious food at a slower pace–intent on stopping before fullness. If good health is important to you, food must be viewed as your vital tool for proper nutrition. If your mealtime is anticipated as primarily a gut-filling endeavor, the odds are greatly against you. Change your thinking, change your behavior. 

 Look for foods that supply the protein, vitamins and minerals that are necessary to nourish your body. I promise that if you make the effort to consume healthy foods, your tastes and cravings will change. But it won’t happen quickly. And you must be consistent with your new food choices. 

I love chocolate. When I first tasted chocolate that was high in cocoa and low in sugar, the taste was bitter. Now it’s impossible for me to enjoy the sugar packed chocolate of a typical candy bar. All sugars should be understood as simple energy sources–those most readily converted to glucuse: the fuel your body recognizes. The sugars in fruits should be treated with the same caution. Just because they are part of the sweet taste of orange juice does not allow you to consume them recklessly.

 Your nutritional awareness will extend to understanding the pervasive presence of high fructose corn syrup–even in the bread you consume. Do these things matter? Yes, these are the details that separate the serious from ‘lose weight fast’ junkies.

Start drinking water with your meals (and in between). The amount of calories consumed in the form of drinks throughout the day is significant.  

This type of change is fundamental to your success. You can do it. 

Understand the mission: changing your lifestyle–small successful and consistent steps are much more important than grandiose changes that are likely doomed to failure.

To Your Health and Fitness,


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The Exercise Illusion: It’s Not About Burning Fat!

The amount of time, money, effort and disappointment that go toward attempting to ‘burn fat’ must be enormous. Perhaps if generators were attached to all the treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines, we could make a fair contribution to clean energy production.

I have chosen to make exercise an important part of my lifestyle because I enjoy it and the health benefits are irreplaceable; incapable of being achieved as well by any other means.

As an added benefit, the more energy you expend physically, the more calories you burn, right? So you keep chasing ‘The Ultimate Fat Burner’ workout, thinking that you simply haven’t found it yet.

That notion, I’m sure, factors mightily in the billions of dollars generated selling the prospect of a beautiful body.

Diet and exercise are always mentioned together when it comes to losing weight. One does compliment and enhance the effectiveness of the other; but diet is, by far, the most important component of weight loss and maintenance.

If your goal is to lose weight and the major focus is not on the quantity of food you are eating, your efforts are directed at lesser effective issues.

Multiple times weekly an important component of my exercise routine centers on cardiovascular/respiratory fitness. Using the stair step machine, I elevate my heart rate and respiratory tempo to the desired levels for twenty minutes. This type of exercise rejuvenates the body at the cellular level. That’s my purpose with this activity.

A side benefit is that it takes about 200 extra calories during the session to achieve my goal.

ONLY 200 calories?

Obviously, it makes much more sense to avoid the two cookies for desert that I can consume in about 30 seconds if my goal is to reduce calories.

If you don’t catch the significance; or you’re simply not willing to change your eating habits, you will always be on the unfortunate side of the equation.

There is not enough time in the day to work off calories that can be so quickly consumed in excess if you’re careless.

Focus On the Basics,

UPDATE 3/14/16 Must have read my blog…
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