Dancing: Good For Your Body, Great For Your Brain!

We all know that staying active is what keeps us going now and for the future. And dancing is simply so much fun, you don’t think about it the same way as exercise, right?

In the study below, comparing dance to standard exercise routines, it turns out that dancing also was shown to have an even greater impact on the brain than the exercise plan of about equal intensity!

But there’s a twist…

What made the difference in the dancers greater cerebral response to exercise was having to memorize the patterns of movement.

Please read ‘DANCING CAN REVERSE THE SIGNS OF AGING IN THE BRAIN’: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/08/170825124902.htm

Let’s generalize

Understanding this explains why learning the movement patterns of Tai Chi (not a quick or easy task) compounds the effects of the exercise.

Learning to speak a new language and learning how to play a musical instrument are the two best ways to keep your mind sharp. Notice in the study the mention of how music excites the brain–literally!

So it absolutely makes perfect sense; the movement, the music and the memorization!

Skip the gym routine today, put the music on, and learn a new dance routine.


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