Connective Tissue: Limiting Your Movements, Changing Your Life

As you age, the way you move–in very subtle ways over time, becomes more a function of tendons, ligaments, and supporting structures rather than muscular strength

And because these structures that literally bind our bones and muscles together are so strong, it is a long-term task creating changes. Muscles react relatively quickly to exercise. Within a matter of weeks a beginner, at any age, will notice significant strength gains from a properly designed resistance training program. The mindset to achieve significant range of motion changes must be focused on the longer term. The process itself is more tedious and involves a regular program of stretching.

Proper exercise remains your best tool for not only maintaining what abilities you now have, but working to increase them–at any age!

The restoration of normal patterns of motion can be critical for personal safety.

Yoga is an ideal way to focus on this vital aspect of your health and wellness.

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Published by

Steven Siemons ACSM CPT, Simply Senior Fitness

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and armchair philosopher (BA in Social Science from UC Irvine), Steven communicates his passion for health and wellness with an offbeat slant. It's a lifestyle, he will insist, and fitness is really a journey to find what fits--for you. His personal fitness journey has primarily centered on resistance training for more than fifty years. An intense three-year exposure to Shotokan Karate under Sensei Ray Dalke and Sensei Edmond Otis in Southern California during his thirties (he is now 65, since you're wondering) had a significant impact on his appreciation for martial arts as fitness disciplines. It is his sincere hope that you will find insight, inspiration and knowledge from the ideas he sends your way. He is proud to be a contributing author to evox television where, along with others of different disciplines, the focus is on moving forward towards a positive future. Steven trains with clients who have already decided to take the first step in their fitness lifestyle, as well as seasoned fitness enthusiasts. With a personalized approach starting with your needs/risks/capabilities profile, the foundation is built for a lifetime of fitness; ultimately, 'fitness for the finer things' enabling you to enjoy your life to the fullest! If you are in the South Florida area and are interested in training, instruction, or personalized program implementation; simply email for further information. For vacationers and snowbirds, three-day and seven-day focused sessions are available with sufficient advanced reservations. Email:

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